I grew up on my family’s wee farm in Poroporo before moving into town in my high school years. I was the kid who loved nature, exploring, books, making things, drawing, helping, telling stories and was often seen wearing my skellerups teamed together with dresses that my Nanna sewed me.
Since then, I’ve studied and worked as a teacher, charity fundraising manager & photographer. I’ve lived in Wellington, London, Edinburgh & Glasgow. I’ve fallen in love and have two amazing kids. And now I’m back in my hometown, with my beautiful whanau. 

So why photography?
Because life happens. We grow. 
Because our kids change and we can’t go back to the Buzz Lightyear days.
Because everyday is special. 
Because us mums are normally behind the camera & we need to be in the frame too.
Because we have a story to tell.
Because family connections – seeing and sharing them – are so important.

And it is soooo special. And a real privilege to be the one chosen to take photos for you. 
To join your family for an hour and capture your beauty and connections. 
To show how it felt to take on a challenge.
To document a special event, capture reactions and interactions. 
To learn your business’ story and help you communicate your message through images. 

Through my work as a fundraising manager for an international charity, I've experienced the impact great imagery has on telling a story and engaging an audience. I want to give you that kind of photo. That's why I love photography for entrepreneurs, small business owners and charities. 

That’s me. I can’t wait to learn a little about you and capture your connections, story & moments on camera.  Let’s chat more – get in touch with me on 0225298400 or at clairehousephotography@gmail.com

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